About Us

"There is no best bra in the world, only the one that suits you the most."

However, this kind of "suitable" is not fixed, it may change according to different moods, scenes, and needs at different times. This kind of "suitable" is also not entirely defined by others. There is a kind of suitability that is based on what you personally feel is suitable for you!

"At this moment, I just want to lazily sit on the sofa, without wires and bindings." "At this moment, I am touched by cute cartoon prints and just want to cast off norms and baggage."

Eve's Wish is committed to understanding the different needs of women at different times, and designs a diverse range of underwear products to cater to the various roles and scenes of women.

Hey girls! This is not fickleness, but versatility. May every girl who loves life be able to choose her favorite underwear product happily and freely.